The day before yesterday or a story of my transformation

The day before yesterday I watched the live lecture of Drunvalo Melhisedek about 21 December 2012. I was quite thrilled my parents made me watch it (long story how) and thought “Wow, i`m doing something for my spiritual self!”. (I know, don`t tell me – so typically human). In the beginning Drunvalo gave us a summary of what he`s been doing in that area so he started speaking about year 2012 around the middle of the lecture. That`s when I started paying more attention. He told us, the listeners, the bad version of how things might turn out for us, the earthlings, if we continue going the same suicidal way. To tell you the truth, I got petrified with fear. I am not going to retell what he said but I`m sure most of you, folks, have heard the story – the magnetic field disappears for a while, the poles switch their places, the upper part of the mantle turns to water instead of rock and we dive into a 30-hour period of total blindness. Well, how not to get totally stunned?! At first I was really scared. I started thinking and asking myself why should I bother do anything if it`s going to die and disappear in so very few years? And this referred to my strong desire to have a baby soon. I felt very desperate because I didn`t want everything to end like this. And more important I didn`t want to end like this – “absorbed” and engulfed by a huge global disaster or something like this. I felt like I was pushed to the wall with no way out. Later, on the next day, after talking to my beloved aunt who`s always been a spiritual guide for me, my mind finally (thank you, God!) started turning the other way round. I ask myself - “Ok, we die and there`s no way out of this maybe. So what are you gonna do – will you spend all this time until “the time” filled with fear or will you choose to do everything that you can to ease the transmutation of your consciousness and thus of the whole ONE we all are?” You can easily guess which road I chose. From this moment on I decided that now more than ever it is vitally important to do as my heart says and not as the brain does because logic has nothing to do with the real Truth. I now know that it is so very important for me to give birth to a child because all children that are now born are the so called indigo children and they are here to help all of us who have lost our way. This may sound to you very childish and naive. Well, I don`t mind. I love you all and you have the right to think and be whoever you want to be and to do accordingly. But as deep as I can go into my heart I know what I feel now and what I will strive for is right. Yesterday a friend of mine (we actually met in the chat two days ago but we share so similar ideas) told me about a book “E.T. 101”. I found a part of it on the internet and started reading. Basically it is less of an address and more of a manual given from light creatures in the universe and translated by a human. (I know it sounds ludicrous but only if you think with your mind and not feel with the heart). It is sooooo real! Under the form of a “manual” to those who have come here with a mission, it tells the unsugared version of the disaster we humans have become not only to all other species on our planet but to ourselves too. I confess reading it was a kind of enjoying but it left a bitter “taste” in my mind. So this morning while I was traveling to work, I looked around to grasp a look of the reality we have created. I looked at the faces of the people. By the expression of their eyes I realized how blind they are and how blind they choose to remain for the real truth of this world. We call ourselves “the top cherry” of the evolution and yet look what we have done – industrialized megalopolises turned into prisons for all living in them; strongly polluted water and earth; genetically modified food because we are busy to take care of the lands the right way and are in a too big hurry to wait for the land to grow for us natural fruits and vegetables; land overbuilt with concrete, asphalt and iron mastered by greed, inequality and pointless luxury for some, and people living in small cells called apartments because there is no room for all; billions of people starving in the poor areas where desert has taken the place of greenery while in other parts of the world people throw away food cause they got too many of it; people get more and more sick due to their separating from the nature; over 40 wars are being waged in this moment (I don`t even want to search for information which are they!); over 1000 species have disappeared from the planet due to us. I can go on. The list is sooo almost endless. If I am to be honest – it hurts seeing all this. It hurts me see how we desperately try to achieve technical process in every area possible and yet we remain so empty inside, and so lost in ourselves, and so searching for the truth outside us while it is inside us. We use cell phones and sophisticated computers to communicate among each other and yet we are so incapable of communicating and feel separated from each other. We use imperfect language to express our feelings that are clouded by the voice of the mind, by all the terrible noises that we produce in this fake reality and by our greatly evolved Ego. Ask yourselves – why do you need trains and cars and airplanes to travel around the world when you can do without all this machinery? Why do you need to have so many languages when you actually need one – the one of the heart? Nevertheless all the languages in the world we have become incapable of understanding each other.
I look at the faces of people and I see angry, nervous, sick and unhappy with life creatures struggling for a dime to make the day. And I want to ask – why does it have to be this way? Why should we choose to create a reality that is so dysfunctional and that is doomed to expiration? Each morning as I travel to work I see people that are ready to start a fight over something so insignificant and i`m asking in my mind “Why oh why do you choose to be so aggravated?” I know the answer – because it`s easier! It is easy to get angry, to hurt somebody physically or verbally instead of understanding that everything that comes upon our way is a result of who we have chosen to be and what we do; because it is scary to be different from the mass or else you would be rejected by it and you think this will make your life a misery. Let me tell you – our life IS a misery already! So obviously most people (including me) make the wrong choice. But it is all up to us. I chose to be different. I chose to live with love and peace. I chose to help the transition into the fifth level of consciousness the easy and painless way. Who you will choose to be is in your hands (or more likely heart)! Whatever your choice is I send you all my love and light of the heart!

Wild Rose or Mina as most know me

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